Security Standards for Modern Education

Expectations for hardening & ease-of-use

Throughout the past decade increased security and compliance requirements on primary schools and higher education have driven schools to deploy many disparate physical security systems, from video surveillance to access control and emergency notification.

As we move forward in the reality of tightened budget and decreased staffing, the need to identify the best standards become an increasing need. This Webinar will provide an overview of the basic standards your schools and institutions should be looking for to reduce total-cost-of-ownership while increasing ease-of-use and the overall effectiveness and efficiency of your police and security staff.

We will outline the minimal standard modern security and public safety departments should expect from their physical and electronic security systems including; video management, access control, license plate readers, map-based user interface, analytics and much more…all hardened on an end-to-end cyber-secure platform.

Keep your students safe…and leave the hard work to the computers!

Date: Thursday, July 28, 2022
Time: 11 AM Pacific / 1 PM Central / 2 PM Eastern
Duration: 1 hour


Jason Friedberg
Commercial Lead – Cities & Public Sector at Genetec

Jason FriedbergJason Friedberg has over 20 years of law enforcement and security experience, including Chief of Police at Bucknell University. Jason Friedberg is an established expert in the realm of public safety and security. He previously served as a police chief, sheriff’s deputy, search & rescue team officer and emergency manager. During his tenure in active law enforcement he presented nationally on topics such as security technology, campus arming, risk management and town/gown relations. Jason served as chair of the Security/Technology Committee for International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA), on the executive board for the Department of Homeland Security’s North Central Joint Terrorist Taskforce (NCJTTF) on the Lancaster Community Safety Coalition (LCSC) and remains an advisor for the Virginia Tech Victims Family Outreach Foundation (VTV-FOF). After retiring from law enforcement, Jason spent the past nine years working in the security technology field and joined Genetec as the Commercial Lead for Cities & Public Sector 2017.

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